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     Colleagues here are very welcoming, dependable, and easy to talk to, consistently offering excellent service. Thanks!
Parker Behrens20/07/2024
     The gutter service crew is always professional and thorough, cleaning up every time. This service is definitely worth it!
Joshua L.10/07/2024
     Immediately upon the arrival of Farringdon Cleaning Service's staff at my doorstep, I'm sure that I made the correct decision allowing them handle all of the carpeting at home without worries or concerns over quality. Everyone paid close attention to detail which included offering helpful tips for keeping them looking great until future appointment times come around again if required.
Alicia Smith22/02/2023
      Carpet Cleaners Farringdon is certainly domestic cleaning specialists in my eyes. I've used them many times and they're yet to let me down.
Tianna H19/05/2020
     We recently opened a pet-sitting service. It's been an adventure. After a couple of dogs made a muddy mess of our main room, we called on Carpet Cleaners Farringdon. They had everything looking like new in no time! Fantastic cleaning service!
Jon and Ann S.20/09/2019
     The house cleaning service was worth the cost, if not more than what I paid. It was that good from FarringdonCarpetCleaners.
Lucy A.09/10/2018
     My sister is physically challenged and requires a service provider to assist her. I want to thank Farringdon Cleaning Service for their support! They are the best cleaning company ever. 5 stars!
C. Mccall01/06/2017
     I got criticised on the state of my flat and its cleanliness, so I figured I'd make a chance. I'm really lazy however, not ashamed to admit it. I decided to hire a company to do a one-off clean, so I got Farringdon Cleaning Service to do it. They did great and now people think I actually bothered with it. Fun times.
     Me and my brother recently got a second-hand sofa online and wanted it cleaned properly. We thought about doing it ourselves, but a friend recommended Cleaners Farringdon. We hadn't considered calling a professional cleaning company because we assumed the prices would be extortionate and we weren't even sure that they did that sort of thing! We decided to give them a call and we're very pleased with the service we got. Pleasantly surprised is a huge understatement!
Beatrice H.15/03/2016
     Not knowing much about moving home, I was worried about the concept of an end of tenancy clean. I didn't think I would be able to manage it alongside the move itself but a friend recommended Carpet Cleaning Farringdon. I was told they could do all the cleaning and I could do the move. This is exactly what happened and so the entire move went well. They did the cleaning better than I ever could and I was able to complete my move stress free.
Charlotte Granger31/07/2015
     My mother struggles to do her day-to-day tasks and so she needed some help with her house cleaning. I tried the best I could but managing both her home and mine proved difficult. I heard about FarringdonCarpetCleaners and called to see if they could help. I was pleased with what I heard as they assured they could send a top team to regularly help with my mum's cleaning. The cleaner comes once a week and gets on well with my mum and so she now has a meticulous and a new friend.
N. Fry18/12/2014
     I have been using FarringdonCarpetCleaners for their carpet cleaning service for a while now, and I must say, they are very good indeed. I was bowled over by the service that they delivered, and more than a little taken aback by the price. I expected to have to pay a lot more than I did for the steam cleaning that they sorted out for me, and the fact of the matter is that they ensured that the carpets looked completely new. I basically paid very little to have new carpets fitted. I will be using them again, and recommend that everyone else does as well.
Debra Watson31/07/2014
     There's something very reassuring about knowing that - whatever I spill - I can always give a call to FarringdonCarpetCleaners and they can make sure that any stains and marks are just gone and my carpets are feeling fresh and new once again. The best help I've hand from a cleaning company, hands down. Even from the first time I outlined the problem over the phone, they knew exactly on how to approach the situation and made sure that everything was handled in the best possible manner. When you need to get anything cleaned, there really is no point calling anyone else.
Russell Powell04/06/2014
     Getting the cleaning company that you use right, can be a real issue, especially if it is the first time that you have been through the process, so I'll help you out by cutting the hard part out of it, and simply suggesting that you go with FarringdonCarpetCleaners. They have been working for my for a while, and I have been consistently impressed with their ability, time keeping, service and value, which basically makes them the perfect company! In all seriousness, these guys are great, and I have very much enjoyed having them around.
Rudolph A.05/03/2014